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Courses in Plastics & Polymers
Dr. Ram will be teaching two online courses in Plastics and Polymers geared mainly towards community college students.
These courses will be highly beneficial to those who are interested in entering Plastics Technology field or to those who are already working in the industry but lack formal training in plastics. Further information can be obtained from the attached PDF file.

The main pillars of our business commitment are to:

  • Offer value-added assistance from start to finish on technical projects
  • Advise possible avenues for cost savings
  • Provide solid expertise and practical training in inudstrial polymer science and plastics technology
  • Guide the project team towards success through active participation and collaboration.

Our Specialties

Polyplast cable picture
Antenna tower picture
  • Polymers, plastics, adhesives, coatings and composite materials selection for a variety of high technology applications such as, telecommunications equipment, electrical and electronics. These products include wire and cable, microwave and base station antennas, connectors and many other products.
  • Applied Polymer R&D
  • Structure-Property Relationship Studies specific to Product Performance
  • Polymer Characterization and Additive Analysis Techniques for
  • Telecommunications, Electrical and Electronics Applications
  • Thermoplastic Extrusion Processing
  • Polymer Degradation, Stabilization and Failure Analysis.


Why Choose PolyPlast Consultants International, Inc.?

Technical outsourcing can offer a major win-win situation for everyone concerned.
Some of the obvious advantages are:

Polyplast Expert Advice
  • Dedicated professional help
  • Unbiased approach to problem solving
  • Freedom for the clients to concentrate on their core business ventures
  • Access to our knowledge and technological leadership
  • Cost savings
  • Help in developing new technical skills and capabilities not available in-house.
  • Faster turn around time in the product development cycle
  • Prompt response to customer problems


If any of the above reasons appeal to you and want to explore further what Polyplast Consultants International can do to enhance your overall technical resources and to strengthen the efforts of your project team, please give us a call or write to us. This will be the first positive step you can take towards achieving your business goals and leadership role in your industry. You will be glad that you did and it would be the start of a productive and mutually beneficial collaboration between us.